I Prefer Paper

Photo by bravenewtraveler

Today I received an email announcing that the iPad will be at my local Apple store on Saturday. One friend announced his excitement on Facebook when his pre-ordered one had shipped. And ELLE sent me a reader survey asking me whether I would forgo the print version for the iPad one that they’re launching.

My answer is no. I will not be spending my reading hours basking in the glow of an iPad. I love magazines for a variety of reasons but one of the latest greatest reasons is that they give me a break from the eye fatigue that my computer’s LCD glow gives me. There is nothing better for me than to spend an evening in bed surrounded by kitties and reading a magazine. It gives my brain a break, calms me and prepares me to sleep.

Technology can be good, and who knows, I may have an iPad one day. But I know that I will enjoy my favorite magazines the old school way—printed on paper.

I Prefer Paper

2 thoughts on “I Prefer Paper

  1. I totally agree. I love technology, but my first passion in life was magazines. I still remember buying my first magaine — the old Teen magazine in the 1980s. There’s nothing like holding a beautiful magazine in your hands and the iPad just won’t be the same.

  2. Like you, magazines were the first thing I was passionate about and still am. I can remember fashion layouts that I loved 20 years ago. I think the iPad will be interesting to see but definitely not the same.

    I love your blog and so happy you stopped by.

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