Shake Things Up

There must be something hardwired in the young that doesn’t allow them to fall into ruts. At least that is what I believe is true about Baby A. Things were going swimmingly, easily, and predictably. Rise at 7:30; nap for 2 1/2 hours at 12; park around 4; watching the Upside Down Show at 8; and bed at 9. Rise, rinse and repeat.

No more.

For two weeks, my nearly 2 year old doesn’t want to nap, doesn’t want to eat and doesn’t want to sleep. Each day is different and keeps me on my toes. Makes me think that he’s testing me. “Hmm, I wonder where mommy will push or drive me today so I can fall asleep in the stroller/car” is what I imagine him thinking. It definitely has me working on my mommy skills…or is it my cruise director ones?

While I find all of this a bit annoying (I miss a nap time where I didn’t play chauffeur), I catch myself thinking about new places to go in the city with him: Wondering if he’s too young for the Hammer Museum or if it’s too cold to go to the beach. Slowly but surely I’m enjoying exploring this city that I have lived in for nearly 20 years (gulp). Yes, he’s a bit too young for some of my favorite haunts but together we’re discovering new ones. And at the whim of his tiny pointing finger, I’m discovering sights that I’ve never noticed before.

Shake Things Up

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