My Mother’s Day Card

Today I received a card addressed to: “My Beautiful Wife.” Inside the pink envelope was this sentiment:

The most important job in the world doesn’t offer an hourly wage or days off or paid vacations. But it does offer real feelings, shining faces, bedtime stories, small victories, priceless memories, and many wonderful moments of joy…

Always remember, there’s no more important job in this world than the one you do every day will all your heart. Have a Very Happy Mother’s Day.

For M., this was a sappy card. But as he always does, he chose a card that was perfect to lift my spirits. Lately I have had a difficult time with being a working mommy and there are times when I feel that I’m failing as a worker or as a mommy. This card reminded me that everyday, whether I am at my computer or not, I am working and the end product is a happy child.

My Mother’s Day Card

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