Ten Blogs I Can’t Stop Reading

I read in snippets. Between running after, trying to feed and entertaining Baby A, I read blogs. Here are the 10 that I frequent the most. I have written about some of these before, but since they entertain me weekly they warrant mentioning again.

Cindy Whitehead, Sports Stylist: It isn’t because she’s a friend, or that she preaches and lives girl power, I love Cindy’s blog because she has an awesome, pretty-but-not-to0-girly-eye on fashion. She points out the art in design and photography. It’s addictive to check in daily and see what she deems important to highlight.

Confessions of a Mean Mommy: Denise Schipani has a great voice and a straight-forward style. All the things I hope to achieve as a writer. In addition, I love her parenting point-of-view. Most of the time I agree with her, but I always learn something from her.

ELLE Street Chic Daily: There is something about this daily snapshot that brings out the fashion critic in me. I personally think they should send  photographers to Westwood since I see some students that have amazing style.

LA Stylist Mom: She’s a stylist and a mother of boys. I’ve found amazing fashion sites and pieces just  by checking in. Without her, I wouldn’t have consider going into H&M for summer dresses. Just isn’t my thing usually.

Mr. Magazine: As a life-long lover and student of magazines, this blog written by Samir Husni, the director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, School of Journalism, is a must read.

Sammitt: Even though I couldn’t eat most of his “what’s for dinner” recipes, this blog is a favorite because of the smart, witty writing about music, fashion and all things pop culture. Sam is one of the best things that came from M. and I living in Phoenix—a  friend with mad writing skills and excellent taste in music and fashion.

Saving Ace: This is M.’s blog and while I’m living this climb-out-of-debt chronicle, I enjoy reading about it.

Sea of Shoes: Her photographs are always beautiful. But most of all, I have closet envy. The red-head who writes this blog has incredible style. I wish I could dress this way and still take care of Baby A.

Style and Inspiration: For ideas and inspiration, I have a red notebook of things—photos, articles, essays, etc. This blog is the online equivalent. It isn’t necessarily my inspiration, but most of what she posts I agree with and would add to my red notebook.

The Daily Snark: My friend Mo says all the things I can’t say on my blog. In addition, her life is way more exciting than mine.

Ten Blogs I Can’t Stop Reading

3 thoughts on “Ten Blogs I Can’t Stop Reading

  1. Great list of blogs! I also created a post today on blogs that I visit daily, inspired by the WordCount Blogathon. I, too, have a pretty eclectic taste, and get inspired by blogs on a variety of topics, from personal growth to decor.

    I love your idea about having an inspiration notebook. I usually write on post-its, envelopes and in different notebooks. The problem is that I have to write an idea down whenever it strikes! The problem comes when I can’t find it. 🙂 It’d be great if you could share a few pages from your notebook in an upcoming post.

  2. I’m still reading the lists we created, and I’m loving them. I’m finding new blogs I want to try out. So fun. Love the theory behind this one. I’ll be back.

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