It’s the Windex of Beauty / CC BY-SA 2.0

If you ever saw the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” you may remember that the father used Windex for cleaning everything—wounds, carpet, clothes. I grew up in a Greek family and we did the same. In fact, I refurbished an old lamp with just Windex and a towel. There’s another go to product that is the same type of multitasker—petroleum jelly.

A tube or a jar of this lube has been in my bathroom since I was an infant. When I travel I bring it to serve as a moisturizer, cuticle cream, makeup remover, mascara, lip gloss, wound healer, and frizz tamer.  I don’t think it will give me a full makeover or rid me of wrinkles but when I use it I do feel pretty.

What’s your favorite multitasking product? How do you use it?

It’s the Windex of Beauty

2 thoughts on “It’s the Windex of Beauty

  1. That is for real — the Windex thing?

    As if I can’t believe it, shortly after seeing that movie, we had teeny tiny ants on a plant in an office where I was working. I said something about it, and one of our guys (from Iraq) says, “Oh I took care of that. They are gone.” I asked what he used, and he said, “Windex.” I stood there looking at him and asked if he was serious. Then I asked if he had seen the movie, and he said, “No, why?”

    Hmmm…… oh the things we must not know in this country of commercialism! LOL

  2. Hmm. Windex is high up there,but I’m a fan of vinegar these days…used to be alcohol, but switched to white vinegar after ruining tons of things with…tons of other things. Carpets, clothing, windows, more…

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