A is for Apple, A-A-A

Apples are the perfect food. In one convenient package you can consume fiber, photochemical as well as vitamins and minerals that can keep your body humming.

Alone, each variety has it’s own personality: Gala is sweet; Honey Crisp is sharp, Red Delicious is no-nonsense nutrition, while a Granny Smith is tart and bites back. (A little bit like my Aunt Jo. ) This makes apples the perfect friend for whatever your mood.

My favorite meals involves apples: apples with peanut butter, apples with extra sharp cheddar, apples with romaine and avocado, even apples cooked into jam as shown here. Excuse me while I drool.20131126-092114.jpg

A is for Apple, A-A-A

2 thoughts on “A is for Apple, A-A-A

  1. shaolin2000 says:

    I read somewhere that apples are better at keeping you awake than coffee so yet another reason why they are so good!!

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