Thanksgiving To Do

I’m looking forward to a busy holiday where planning — other than what I am going to eat and when I am going to walk — is the name of the game. Thanksgiving is the ultimate list holiday: travel plans with packing lists (for some, not us), menus, shopping lists, to-do lists and timelines.

Today, tomorrow’s to-do timeline will be set. The entire day will be spent cooking because that’s how I like it; prepping and cooking beforehand when there is only the three of us seems a bit over the top. I’m looking forward to our vegetarian feast (The turkeys from “Free Birds” would love us.) and having A. serve as the sous chef. (He’s a whiz at removing kale from the stems!)

While the rest of the world is scurrying to destinations, I’m happy to be home carrying out my to-do list with my family.

Thanksgiving To Do

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