Hangover of Holidays Past

No matter what your emotional state post-holiday, whether  it’s  post-dramatic stress or afterglow, you might be reliving this Thanksgiving or those of holidays past—I am.

After spending the day cooking an animal-free Thanksgiving (which was requested by my five-year-old and included fun things he could help do), my son told me at dinner that I was the “worstest [sic.] mommy in the world.” I’ll admit that I will not be writing any parenting tomes in the near future and that I have my mean-mommy moments; but after what was a pretty great day, which included lots of cuddling and playing, this was a blow.

Yes, I know he’s five; he may not have known what he was saying, and he apologized. I tend to think that there is a part of him that truly believes this. This isn’t just my fear that A. has Stewie Griffin-esque fantasies of knocking me off; this is me knowing that I could always be a better mom. I could be more patient; I could spend more time playing; I could…I could…do more.

Like most parents, I just do my best and strive to do better. So why does this incident worry me? Because I have seen the future if this viewpoint doesn’t change.

The first Thanksgiving I cooked was for my extended family—mom, stepdad, and step-brother with his wife and son. During dinner, aforementioned brother decided to lay into my stepfather about his parenting. Granted, their situation is VERY different.  I don’t remember what he said but I remember how he ambushed my step-father during this holiday of gratitude.  And that’s how I felt—ambushed.

Yes, my feelings were hurt and my ego was bruised. However, this incident drives home the importance to be more patient and  to work harder to diminish my mean mommy moments. Ultimately, the holidays are meant to love and appreciate our families. We shouldn’t have to recover from them like a bad bar crawl.

Hangover of Holidays Past

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