Snow Walks: Weekend Vs. Weekday

Snow in the City: Monday through Friday
Snow in the City: Monday through Friday

It’s snowing today. A. and I walked to school as flurries fluttered down. Snow plows and salt trucks made a couple of loops to help commuters reach the FDR. Elementary students and their parents clad in moon boots crowded  sidewalks.

He had fun (he’s five; what kindergartener doesn’t like snow?) but I preferred our snow walk on Saturday. It was everything that I enjoy about snow in the city.

There aren’t too many things that slow this city down, but storms can. Some do more than others, such as blizzards and superstorms. But when it snows on a weekend morning, this huge bustle of energy transforms; it almost feels like a cloud city.

When A. and I walked in the snow to get M&Ms for gingerbread bears and breakfast on Saturday, it was quiet. The sounds of the city were muffled. Salt trucks and plows lazily patrolled the streets. Sidewalks were empty because people huddled in their homes.

It is a rare moment when this metropolis is tranquil. That is why it is one of my favorite occasions in New York City.


Snow Walks: Weekend Vs. Weekday

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