tea bag_always learn

Yesterday this was my tea bag. And it seems apt for today’s writing. It is back to school for Baby A—who should now be called Kid A (cue the Radiohead)—after holiday break. He wasn’t happy; he isn’t a fan of school. He doesn’t think he is learning anything.

I loved school as a kid. I even played school. And even today, it is my job to learn. As I told A., if I don’t learn something new everyday then I am not doing my job. Meaning I’m not asking enough questions, talking to enough people, or reading enough. It’s important for me to be curious. Luckily, he is too, so I can sometimes play teacher again.

Curiosity is one of the things I enjoy about him and as he gets older I hope that it doesn’t wane. The challenge now is to show him that school can help him unlock and solve the questions he is asking. And whether he realizes it or not, that’s when he’s learning.