An Office Everywhere

It was too quiet in my friend ML’s house. After spending two days in Manhattan, the silence of her neighborhood was almost unsettling. I needed to hear conversations, music…many things at one time. I needed to find a Starbucks.

Luckily, there is one close to her house even though I took the long way to get there. Any coffee house would have done, but when I go into Starbucks it is familiar with electrical outlets, music, and food. Just like going to an office…anywhere you are.

An Office Everywhere

The Work-Baby Balancing Act

I’ve written about the ability to get things done during (or even taking) a nap. And since it has been a busy month work wise. (Yay!) I have had to take advantage of those two glorious hours each day when Baby A sleeps. Well, I needed to.

Toward the end of last week, A. decided that his nap wasn’t important and that he didn’t need to sleep when and for as long as he has been. I realize that each day with a toddler is a new adventure; however, I needed those naps. I scheduled interviews during nap time for Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, Baby A went from sleeping in his stroller that normally lulls him to crying in his crib. It wasn’t steady but intermittent, kind of like when he sleeps. This went on for the 30 minutes leading up to my phone interview. So I took a deep breath, lowered the volume on the baby monitor (though I could still hear him) and made the call. As A. proceed to get louder, I interviewed a PhD about his latest study and tried to concentrate on the task at hand. I did, but decided I needed a full-proof plan for Friday’s interview.

Since Baby A had a peditarian appointment, an hour and a half after my scheduled interviewed I decide to use the car as my vessel. On Friday, it was his crib and my office. Fifteen minutes before he normally needs to nap, A. and I got in the car and drove to the only drive-thru Starbucks in the area to get coffee. By the time I got to the drive-thru ATM a few miles away he was asleep and my interview was in 15 minutes. So I parked and waited for the call.

Thanks to the earphone mic I have for my cell phone I was able to conduct my interview while Baby A slept behind me. He did wake up during my conversation, but was quiet. (Such a good boy.) So until this approach doesn’t work I’m thankful to have this system:

Step 1: Schedule interview during nap time.
Step 2: Put child in car seat and start driving about 30 minutes prior to interview. Child should fall asleep.
Step 3: Find a safe quiet place to park and conduct the interview in car. Note: If child wakes up AND begins to cry, step out of the car to continue. Do not step away from the car.  Wrap it up as soon as possible.

The Work-Baby Balancing Act

They Made My Vice Better

Now, if they only made a "tall" size for Baby A.

I have a weakness for Starbucks’ iced coffee. I drink one nearly everyday, but I hate that I use a plastic cup each time I didn’t one. Using a reusable cup would be great but the ones out there have excited me…that is, until now.

Starbucks took their flimsy plastic cups made them so they’re BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and double walled so they don’t drip from condensation. Yippee! My iced coffee isn’t contributing to my recycle pile. I don’t think I have been so excited about a product in a long time.

They Made My Vice Better