My Hunter Boots: Frivolous Purchase or Crystal Ball?

My best purchase ever?
One of my best purchases ever

Nearly four years ago I bought this pair of Hunter boots (see left). Normally this wouldn’t be a purchase that would garner any attention but consider this: I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and never owned rain boots (honestly, never had the need for them). I lived in California where rain was a rare occurrence that made the local weather man Dallas Raines giddy and news directors send entire news teams to cover the freeways and Los Angeles River when a tenth of an inch was forecasted. Needless, buying the Hunter Boots was a whim based on an upcoming trip to New York where real rain storms were forecasted.

The boots ended up staying on the left coast  when I headed to the right. But it was that trip that started the cascade of events that would lead us to New York City and the steady use of my Hunter boots.

For the six months that we lived in New Jersey, summer rain storms kept the boots in heavy rotation. Little did I know that it was only a glimpse of the amount of action that the rubber boots would see during the upcoming winter of blizzards—two  blanketed NYC with more than 20 inches each—and rain. They definitely took the Big Apple by storm (pun intended). I think I wore them everyday of our first winter living in Manhattan and by the time spring finally came I was tired of walking with  rubber shackles around my legs. (Man, are they heavy!)

The following two winters did not deliver the weather wallop that the first one did. Now we are entering our fourth winter in the city and they have already seen rain and snow action in the last week.

Yesterday, as I was walking through the rain wearing my Hunters, I thought about what a great buy they were. What started out as a frivolous purchase ended up foreshadowing a life that I didn’t even realize was ahead.



My Hunter Boots: Frivolous Purchase or Crystal Ball?

It’s a Purple Dress Day

This is the dress exactly, but mine is very close.

A few years ago I saw a dress that was a vibrant shade of purple. From the moment I saw it I wanted it. But I had to wait. It wasn’t for sale yet. This allowed me to stew about it. Sure enough, I wouldn’t buy anything else because I wanted this dress designed by See By Chloe more. I started checking Saks every day. Finally, the dress went on pre-sale and I ordered it. Never have I spent so much money on a dress, but it was so worth it. I haven’t looked back since. No buyer’s remorse.

Never is it buried in my closet. Each time I wear it, I feel great—stylish, comfortable and happy. Now, whenever I shop I look for clothes that make me smile. Because everything I wear should make me feel like my purple dress does.

It’s a Purple Dress Day